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Tim Post -2016
I had a fun and very successful 1/2 day trip on lake Chelan fishing with Joe of Lake Chelan Adventures . Joe was extremely knowledgable about the fishery and the habitat. He has this unique deep fresh water 
fishing  down to a finely tuned science. 
The proof is in my ice box headed to the freezer. Joe was fun to hang with. I look forward to another trip in the future!  
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Bob Tormaschy- 2015
 My brother in-law and I had never been on a guided fishing trip before and we weren't quite sure what to expect.   Before Joe could even get the second pole in (fish on) we caught 23 nice Lakers.
Joe just isn’t just a good guide he truly a person you want to be around good sense of humor!
He knows how to catch fish (thanks Joe for an awesome day on the water)
Almost forgot we had a triple hookup.


Greg Lee January 2013

If any of you are looking for a fun day on a beautiful lake, then I would highly consider that you venture
to Chelan, Washington. Lake Chelan is surrounded by beautiful mountains and grape vineyards. Now, to
make you venture on Lake Chelan even better, you need to pick up the phone and call Joe Heinlen at
Lake Chelan Adventures. You are gonna be surprised what a fantastic guide this man is. He makes your
fishing day adventure fun and informative. Not only will you catch fish, you will laugh all day long,
and learn much about the Chelan area. Joe is probably one of the best guides I have had the pleasure
to fish with and now consider a good friend. Bar none, he is the best Lake Chelan fishing guide.
He is constantly working all the poles, keeping the lures and bait near the bottom where those "hawg"
mackinaw are cruising. Oh, did I mention to bring a camera? The scenery is beautiful, especially the
winter months with the snow covered mountains surrounding the lake - not to mention the good eating
fish you will catch. So, get out on the lake with Joe, and have a fun trip you will be talking about for a

Jay G.

I have fished with Joe twice. Had a great time on each trip. Best Guide I have ever fished with, hands down.

Todd P.

You won't find a better guide or a better fishing experience in the Lake Chelan area than Joe Heinlen and Lake Chelan Adventures. If you like time on the water, catching not just fishing, then spend the time with Joe and enjoy every moment, you won't be disappointed.

Jerry B.

Joe goes above and beyond as a Pro Fishing Guide in Eastern Washington and his expertise at catching "Lake Trout" is bar none!

Leo B.

Had a great time fishing with Joe. Joe put us on fish within 10 min. of boarding the boat. We landed 15 lake trout In less than 3 1/2 hours, big fish 15.4 lbs caught on Joe's fish bait. Highly rec. Fishing with Joe. Thanks for the great time Joe and for letting us run your gear.

Robert Mottice

I have fished on Lake Chelan twice, both times with Joe Heinlen, Lake Chelan Adventures. The first time was 5 years ago with my Step Dad, nephew, and my son. We caught 7 fair sized lake trout, had great experience, my son still remembers it and wants to return. The latest trip was at the end of July, 2012 and was a very good day. Joe even picked my buddy and I up at Wapato Point. The two of us caught 15 fish and my buddy caught a 14.11 lb lake trout, and caught the most fish that day. Joe even cleaned and bagged the fish. Joe is great whether an experienced fisherman or a beginner. You will not be sorry if you book with Lake Chelan Adventures.

Joe is an absolute joy to fish with, definitely knows how to get you into fish on lake chelan and can tell some great jokes. He took a lot of care and time with helping my 5year old daughter reel in a 4.5lb squawfish. My wife had an equally good time catching some fish and of course my 15lb lake trout was just what the doctor ordered on this fathers day weekend:) thanks again Joe!!! We will definitely be back soon.

We had the pleasure of joining Joe for a fishing trip, what a great experience. Super nice guy and great with the kids, a trip my 7 year old daughter and i will never forget. Would highly recommend Joe Heinlen with Lake Chelan Adventures, and look forward to future trips. Thanks again Joe for the memories.

Joe was amazing!!!
If you want to catch some quality fish, this is where you need to be.
I caught the biggest fish I have ever seen.... :)
Thank you Lake Chelan Adventures.


Bob Fulford

Was lucky to get a half day in with Joe during his busy schedule. Joe took us where there were fish (saw them on sonar) even with the winds up a bit. Even thought the fish weren't biting good, due to the weather changes, Joe worked hard to get us into some big fish. We caught 4 and loss several more. Had a great time! Joe was very informative about area, what it takes to catch fish (lucky ducks, jokes, no bananas) and good fishing techniques. Had fish for dinner!

Debbie Beavers

We have been fishing with Joe for 5 years now. I am always impressed by how hard Joe works to catch fish. My husband and i fish locally in Seattle area for salmon and trout. We take this trip twice a year now so my husband can actually fish the whole time out in the boat. This is the most fun landing big lake trout. Joe seems to know all the right things to do because we never go home without fish. If you are looking to book a great fishing trip Joe is your guide. This trip we went home with 20 fish all nicely fileted. Joe goes the extra mile. Good times Thanks Joe The Beavers

James Smalley –

Our son took us to Lake Chelan to go fishing with Joe. I have fished for 40 + years but never with a fishing guide. This weekend was totally AMAZING!! Not only did we catch A LOT of fish...but Joe was entertaining and informative about the area. The first day out, our son and grandson caught a fish almost 16 lbs. On the second day out our biggest fish was about 7 lbs. but we caught 12 fish in total. Came home from the weekend of fishing and have about 70 or 80 lbs of fish, all cleaned and filleted! (And I did not have to do any of the real work!!) Although this is the first time I have went out with Joe, I will be going out again with him and I can not wait until I am able to take my parents out for a day or two of fishing on Lake Chelan with Lake Chelan Adventures!!

Guadalupe Zarate –

I recommend lake chelan adventures to anyone that wants to experience laketrout fishing at its finest. Me and my brother Carlos enjoyed every bit of this trip we caught nice big fish and had a blast doing it. If you plan on booking with anyone I would highly recommend booking this guide you will not be disappointed one bit. Lastly I would like to say that because of our experience we will be coming back every year god willing, I would like to express my thanks to Joe Heinlen for such wonderful experience.... thanks.

Larry And Kerri Lynch

Drove all the way from Coeur d' Alene, Idaho just to fish with Joe. This is our fourth time back and Joe is never disappointing, while he wouldn't share his "secret sauce" recipe, he shared everything else: His knowledge of the lake and fishery is endless. We have tried other guides in this area and we will never go anywhere else... Thank you again Joe for another trip .... see you next year :)

Joe Glaser

Went out with Joe on Sunday March 11th. Had the best day ever. We caught 12 fish with one weighing 17.11 lbs!!! Joe is professional and knowledgeable of the lake. Being a guide myself I would recommend Lake Chelan Adventures to anyone!! Joe shares his knowledge of the lake and surroundings everything but the "secret sauce". I plan on going again with Joe later this year.

Perry Ford

Thank you so much for having us today. I needed to do this with my son Logan for a long time. He loved it and your jokes. We are sworn to not  tell them off the boat haha. I had a great time and hope to see you next year. I am telling everybody about your hospitality and the experience we had.  We wouldn’t consider using any another guide service.

Lee Pfluger 

Great trip out with Joe yesterday, 15 fish in 4 hours! He really has Lake Chelan figured out! Very professional, friendly, and helpful. Other than his "secret sauce" Joe is willing to share almost any of his knowledge with you, and help you learn how to fish the lake on your own... Just don't expect to have the same success DIY! I highly recommend Lake Chelan Adventures, top notch!

 Nelson L. 

    We just got back from our 1st outing with Joe. He came highly recommended and he certainly lived up to his reputation. It's obvious he knows his stuff and it was fun watching the other boats "NOT" catch fish as we were reeling them in. He worked his tail off and if he's not part fish himself, at the very least he thinks like one. We had a great day with lots of fish, jokes and lively conversation. Looking forward to next time.

Robert Howe

Went out with Joe today on Lake Chelan. It was AMAZING the way Joe takes the time to keep you right on top of the fish and in the action, as well as insuring lively conversation and helpfull advice. I've been on many charters and I dont mind saying that Joe is by far the best of the best. If your looking for a GREAT day on the lake go with Lake Chelan Adventures! I will be back soon.

Greg Cort

This was one of the best fishing trips I have ever been on! Joe will work his but off for you to get on fish. Has a great boat that is very comfortable. I would highly recomend him for any fishing trip you are looking for! Thanks again Joe.

Joey Lundquist

First of all thank's Joe for a day i will never forget.My buddy told me about lake chelan Adventures and we should go.I went on a trip on the river over in fork's had the worst time,so my buddy told me to trust him on the fishing trip.So we went on dec 20th for an 8hour trip and wow....I was like a little kid,We caught 28 fish it was so fun.Joe heinlen is an awsome fishing guide he put's you right on the fish plus he make's you feel right at home.So after fishing and joe cleaning our fish,we made plan's to make it out again so we did on jan 2.We caught 32 fish it was great 28 mackinaw,1 rain bow,and the last fish of the day to top it of a nice chinnok . Again thank's JOE.


Joseph Luby

Joseph wrote: "Hey Joe, I would like to take this chance to say Thank You for the fishing trip yesterday. I know we all had a good time and the catch just added to the fun. Your a good guide who knows he's stuff and your a real peoples person. good luck to you and your new boat and we'll be seeing you again in a few months to go again....."

Jason Lundgren

Enjoyed a great day of fishing with Joe on Lake Chelan last weekend. It was no accident that we caught 21 Lake Trout, Joe know's his stuff and is a very effective fisherman! I also appreciated Joe's knowledge of fishery issues with the lake and other places in North Central WA. My good friend Ken and I really enjoyed our outing with Joe and I would recommend this trip to anyone!
Thanks Joe


Jerry Pinard

I received a fishing trip for me and a friend with Joe on Lake Chelan for Christmas. I immediately called to plan my trip for the New Year weekend and Joe didn't hesitate to book us even over the holiday. We were told to bring warm clothes and some snacks....he would take care of the rest and he completely delivered.

We went out for a four hour trip the first day and caught 20 trout! Joe went over and beyond any other guide I had ever used or even been around. He kept our lines baited, fish hooked, lines tight and kept us entertained the whole time. The second day was even better!! In fact so much so that we ended up (luckily there were no other charters booked for that afternoon) staying on the lake for the rest of the day!! I even caught a beautiful rainbow to round out a fabulous fishing weekend.
Not only would I go again I plan to ASAP! The convenience of having the right equipment, right bait and right knowledge (from a damn nice guy) in the boat from the second I stepped on made the most of my time in Lake Chelan. I would say for me definitely and probably for anyone who loves to fish, works hard for their money and has limited time off THIS is the best value around!

Ray Simonson

Jerry and I fished with Joe for two days. It was great. I have never seen anybody work for his client(s) like Joe did. We came home with 65# of fillets.
Joe is a topnotch guide,and a great guy to be around as well.
We are making plans to go back soon.Ray

Will,Anne, Andy Aslin

Joe is our guide of choice; especially after three great trips in the last two years. This December, we introduced our son, Andy, to a fishing holiday with Joe. Boy, was he impressed! We landed 21 fish in a four hour period; two of them nice Rainbows.
We'll be back for the knowledge Joe possesses, and a sense of humor that keeps everything light and fun. And of course, haul a boatload of fillets home!

Mark Petersen

We had a super day of fishing with Joe. A total of 18 fish were landed, but the really huge one got away. "Well maybe next time!"
Joe works hard and seems to know what the fiash are thinking and better yet what they are eating. If you want to catch fish; go with Joe.
Thanks for a great day.

Molly Trepanier

Joe is amazing!!! We just got home from a trip with him today. We ended up with 21 fish and almost 40 pounds of fillets!!! I can't wait to head back out!!

Dave Latimer

I would highly recommend fishing with Joe Heinlein at Lake Chelan Adventures! I've fished with Joe twice now and can't say enough good things about the experience! Joe loves his work and it shows! Joe is very knowledgeable, helpful, and fun to fish with!! Joe works his butt off to get you into the fish, while having a fun attitude. Great fishing equipment, a nice boat, a heater!!, make a very complete package!

Go fish with Joe!!!


Andy Tuchscherer

We went on a charter with Joe on Lake Chelan where we fished for Lake Trout. Me and my son Ethan had a great time with Joe. This is the second time we booked his services. The first time we caught 19 fish. This time we caught 10 in 4 hours. The biggest two were about 8 pounds each. I am looking forward to booking this charter in the future. Next time I will try Rufus Woods.

Graham Thomson

For a first time fishing adventure Joe was amazing. He took time to teach me how to fish and I took home 13 lake trout. Joe is very professional, but is also approachable and friendly. His knowledge of the lake and area made the experience enjoyable. Joe came recommended from some locals here and I would highly recommend him for anyone looking for great and fun fishing on Lake Chelan.

Bailey Fickett

If you are looking to catch fish, catch some laughs and catch a good time...Lake Chelan Adventures is the way to go! Joe keeps you entertained the entire time and always knows how to find the fish. I took my boyfriend on a guided fishing trip for his birthday and he said it was the best birthday present he has been given. Joe has top of the line equipment and keeps you informed about what is going on the whole time...not to mention heaters and misters for those that don't want to get too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer. I strongly reccommend his service to anyone who is looking for an excellent fishing experience!

Inna Tkachenko

Joe is awesome. The best guide you could possibly ask for. Very friendly and extremely knowledgeable at was he does. My husband and I had a great time fishing with Joe on a beautiful October morning. In four hours we caught nine Lake Trout. It was an amasing trip. Joe is very thoughtful person, he had his heater running on a boat so that we dont get cold. It was an excellent trip. Thank you Joe.
Inna (OR)


Sharona Rice

Had a blast with Joe. On a "slow" day, we caught 11 lake trout and laughed for four hours on a calm, warm, gorgeous September morning. He taught us how to fish for Chinook and burbot, as well as a history of the lake and the local fishing trade. His knowledge and skill as a professional guide is like a private academy. This man loves his work! You can learn a lot from him about this fishery and other local grounds and fish on your own, but it probably costs less and is undoubtedly more fun and productive just to fish with Joe! Pirate jokes ahoy, matey! We are going home with 25 pounds of trout filets headed for the smoker. We will be back for more.

Steve Wicklund

Joe Heinlen, Fishing Guide for "Lake Chelan Adventures" is the BEST !!! Five of us went out to fish Lake Chelan in his boat Monday Sept. 12, 2011 and had a BLAST !!! We caught ten fish in four hours and we were extremely pleased and impressed at Joe's expertise with the boat and all the gear. Believe me...This guy knows how to FISH with years of guide experience under his belt. I cooked some of the Mackinaw Trout last nite using Joe's favorite receipe and it was FANTASTIC!!! Can't wait to book my next trip with "Lake Chelan Adventures" next year....

Steve Diehl

Great 4 hour trip on a beautiful day! Despite a slow bite at times Joe kept ups laughing with his witty jokes. We ended up with nine fish, one 11 pounder and one 8 pounder. Overall we ended up with 26 pounds of fillets. Joe was very a knowledgeable guide. I would recommend Joe to anyone looking for a great Lake Trout trip!!


Katrice Taylor

My husband and I had a wonderful outing on August 14th. I was amazed on how skillful Joe was and I learned that fishing and the use of technology is truly an art. Joe was also great about sharing information about fish and their habitat. I left the boat knowing more information than I started with. It was also my first time fishing so being able to catch 15 fish was truly amazing.


Mike Carey

Great 4 hour trip on a beautiful day! Despite a slow bite at times Joe put us on some fish and ended with very nice fillets. Very professional and knowledgeable guide. Would recommend to anyone looking for a great Lake Trout trip!!


Robert L.

My 10 year old grandson and I went on a 4 hour fishing trip with Joe, August 12, 2011. This was my grandson's first fishing charter experience and he caught 12 of our 17 fish. We could not have had a better time and are looking forward to going again.

Hi Joe, I would like to thank you again for the tremendous time me and Haley had fishing with you last Thursday morning. You were also spot on with the Alaskan baked potato recipe being a huge hit. I will be in contact with you in the next few weeks to figure out a date that's open for you around the end of August. Thanks again!
Eric Estenson


Glen Trinka

My son Jordan and I had an amazing 4 hours of fishing yesterday with Joe of Lake Chelan Adventures. Knowledgeable, personable, friendly and fun.....what more could you ask for. Thank you Joe!

Larry Tice – July 2011

I researched all of the fishing guides for the Lake Chelan area and Joe Heinlen at Lake Chelan Adventures was my first choice. I was very lucky he was available at the last minute.
Joe is a terrific fishing guide with decades of personal fishing experience combined with nearly 20 years of experience working for WA at fisheries all over the state. I had 4 children with me and 3 of them were under the age of 10. Joe not only gave all of the kids their best fishing experience ever, but he kept them entertained with stories of Lake Chelan, facts about fishing as well as a good measure of riddles and jokes to keep everyone in a good mood. Of course it helped that we hooked 18 lake trout in 4 hours. An outstanding experience that our family will always remember. I can't wait to go again. This time I'll make a reservation early!

Joe McCrary

Hey Joe, We made your Alaskan Baked last night..... WOW it was great, we made too much so we shared with our unknown neighbors, They loved it too. Thanks for the tip and more importantly thanks for making such a great memory for my boy. We will be back.

Ken Ruud
Standard Photo

First time fishing with Joe and he really did an outstanding job and I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to have a really fun fishing/boating experience. Thanks Joe for the memorable trip for my grandson and I.

Justin & Jen Dixon

We were lucky enough to reserve an early morning fishing trip with Joe and his Custom Weld boat. Our 4 hours with Joe were filled with amazing fishing, great stories, learning about the area and its highlights, and fantastic laughs! Joe has the knowledge, passion, and determination to ensure a successful fishing trip.

We landed 15 Lake trout in 4 hours! To conclude our day, Joe demonstrated his master knife skills to send us home with expertly prepared fish filets! :)

We will never forget this trip and would highly recommend Joe and Lake Chelan Adventures to anyone! Thank you again for a wonderful trip!

~ Justin & Jen

Dane Goulet

Just got back from a great Lake Chelan trip with Joe. Went out for the early morning bite with my dad and my uncle, and even those stubborn old guys agreed that Joe really knew what he was doing out there. We caught a dozen fish in our four hour trip, and brought home enough fillets to smoke and BBQ for the rest of the summer. Next time we're hoping to take a boat onto Rufus Woods with him, because we got some giant fish out of there too. All three of us agreed that this was the best day of fishing we'd ever had. Joe was hilarious, his boat was really comfortable and well equipped, and his knowledge of fishing at large and this lake can't be beaten. We drove by the other tour boats all morning, and didn't see them bring in a single fish. Couldn't recommend him any more highly.


I just wanted to say thank you for a great fishing trip. We all (grandpa, dad & son) had a great trip and of course the big one did get away but he will be there when we try again. You are very knowledgeable about your business (fishing) and look forward to the next time.

Thanks again
George, Paul and Greg Christiansen


Teresa Bingman

My family and I just got back from a morning outing with Joe of Lake Chelan Adventures. We had a great time and were not disappointed, catching 13 lake trout in a short span. Joe really knows his stuff! We had never been to Lake Chelan before so we didn't know anything about the fish there or how to catch them. A friend of ours had fished with Joe before and recommended him to us, so we were fortunate to be able to book a trip with him when we arrived in Manson for the week. We did a morning trip. The boat was comfortable and roomy for the four of us, plus Joe. We had hoped to get some pointers in case we were ever to bring our own boat to Chelan. He was more than generous in sharing tips on fish and equipment. But after watching Joe work to help us catch our fish, I think it might be a craft best suited for a professional like him! He does a great job of making sure the fish bite. We didn't see a lot of fish being caught by the other boats. Joe also cleaned our fish for us afterwards very quickly. He's a humorous and personable guy; we enjoyed spending our morning with him. We would recommend Lake Chelan Adventures to others and would definitely fish with Joe again. Thanks! :)

Don Varney

We booked a half day trip with Joe on Lake Chelan and had a great time. Joe is a real pro, knows the lake and how to fish it. He works very hard to be sure that you get fish in the boat. In 4 hours we had 10 beautiful lake trout and had a lot of fun. When my grandson saw the pictures of the trip. He said I gotta do that. He and his Dad booked a trip a couple months later with similar results.
Looking forward to several more great trips with Joe.

The Beavers

We have fished with Joe for 4 years now. Always have caught fish and had a great time doing so. Joe works very hard to make that happen every time. I would refer him to first time fisherman and any avid fisherman.I have fished for many years and have not found anyone more capable of making the fishing expereince more rewarding. P.S. Brian caught a 17LB Laker it was awesome and he lost one even bigger and lost Joes favorite lure. The Beavers Brian and Debbie.

Mark Richards

Enjoyed a four hour fishing trip with Joe, Brother-in law Mike and nephew Casey and it was non-stop action. Joe sure knows his stuff.
The lake trout were five to sixteen pounds. Wish I could attach a picture!

Ken Heath

Joe Heinlen is an amazing guide and beyond catching fish, he'll keep you laughing the whole time. There isn't anyone better in the Lake Chelan area.

Audra Wolfe

My family and I have been out with Joe several times. He is by far the best guide we have ever booked with, and we have been all over the Pacific Northwest with many different guides. He is great with our kids, super friendly, and works harder to catch fish than any guide we've ever been out with. His boat is wonderful; clean, roomy, comfortable, warm (he has a heater if the weather is cold) and easy to move around in. He does an excellent job with our twin 5-year-old boys, they always have a hard time waiting until we book our next trip! Joe is an encyclopedia of knowledge on Lake Chelan and it's surroundings, the different fish that live in it, their habits, and how to catch them even when conditions make it extremely difficult. People, he will even clean the fish for you! If you have been looking to book a fishing trip with a guide, don't hesitate to take a chance on Joe! He is hands down the best guide we have ever been fishing with! You will have a great time, have a cooler full of fish fillets and your experience will leave you excited for the next time you can escape to go again.

Glen James

After a small amount of research on lake chelan guides(just read the fishing reports to know who on the fish). I booked a trip for my 2 sons and myself. The date was set(May 1, 2011) for our first guided trip. Joe is very personable, funny and definitely knowledgeable about lake chelan. The bite was slow that morning, we boated 5 great fish. I did not know anyone would work as hard as Joe to get the fish to bite and create such awesome memories. I would recommend Lake Chelan Adventures to anyone who wants to catch fish. I am eagerly waiting to take my sons and friends on another adventure with Joe. If you have any desire to catch the big lake trout of lake chelan, then you had better book a trip with Joe. Thanks for the great memories Joe, see ya soon for another adventure.

Greg Lee


Just wanted to get this letter off to ya.

On January 18, 2011 my fishing partner, AL, and I ventured over to your area, Lake Chelan. We drove the four hour drive from Tacoma. Not sure what the weather would be like. We did have some snow here and there on the way over.
Al and I did not book with you off the cuff. We had read many fish reports on and looked at websites before making our decision.

In the end, you were selected.
We had no idea what to expect on this fishing trip - were we in for a surprise. Not only did we meet a great guide, YOU, but the fishing was exceptional. Eight fish in the first hour alone!! The day ended with 20 nice machinaw to take home and smoke up !!!!

During the day we kept getting bites, telling jokes, eating, missing bites, learning about the area and how to fish Lake Chelan. It was nothing less than a fantastic "Adventure" - true to the name of your guide service LAKE CHELAN ADVENTURES!!

Joe, since our fishing "adventure" with you in January - AL and I have kept up with your fishing reports on We also read the reports of that "other" guide service that posts there as well. It never fails, you always seem to come out on top with better fish catches....GOOD JOB!

Anyone seeking a great fishing adventure on Lake Chelan, I would HIGHLY recommend JOE of LAKE CHELAN ADVENTURES. You will have one great day of fishing on the water.

Loui Leonard

IF YA WANT TO CATCH FISH, Then you need to be on Joe's boat. My first trip out with Lake Chelan Adventures was early this year (2011) . It was cold with snow on the ground, and fish willing to bite. Up until this trip I had only caught a few small Macks over the years, but that all changed when I fished on Joe's boat here on Lake Chelan. We were out for fours hours or so one morning, and landed over 30 fish. I could not believe it. That was quite the introduction to Mack fishing here on Lake Chelan. I have been out on a couple more Mack trips since then with LCA, and have experienced better than average catch rates on each trip, with my Largest Mackinaw landed weighing in over 13 pounds. That's a lot of fish, let me tell you. The service is second to none, and you are guided by a professional individual who strives to make each trip an adventure that will be well remembered, and he definitely knows his stuff. In early spring of this year I also went out with LCA to a Lake in Northern Washington. Joe had mentioned he knew a place where the Kokanee averaged 17-19 inches. Let me tell you, the Kokanee I have been catching over the years have ran 9-13 inches, SO I said Joe Sign me up. Well, to make a long story shorter, I had a limit of Kokanee up to 21 inches that produced nice Thick extremely pink fillets that were absolutly delicious on the grill. WOW, I had just been introduced to "another" slice of Heaven. I personally expect to be making future fishing trips out with Lake Chelan Adventures, and would not hesitate to recommend This service to My friends and/or family. In addition to catching fish, It is like having your own private fishing tutor as Joe shares tips and techniques on these outings. Thanks Joe for all your shared information and some great times on the water. I look forward to more trips in the future.

Kirk Peters

Joe, wanted to again thank you for a great trip June 20th... your professionalism, sharing of your stories, the fishing technique tips, and great fishing too... and overall just a great day on the lake! Thanks again Joe, we look forward to seeing you in the future! Tight lines.... Kirk & Sue Peters

Scott Scheffler

I've fished with Joe Heinlen for many years now. The thing that sets Joe apart from other guides is his great attitude and love for fishing! Joe, not only fishes everyday so that he knows where the bodies of fish are, he also tries harder and is more efficient at finding the fish when they aren't easy to catch. Joe is an incredibly good trout fisherman and very knowledgeable. He also works those downriggers perfectly to give the lures the best shot at coming across the fish which are usually very deep in Lake Chelan! Whether you are a new or experienced fisherman, Joe is very impressive and helpful. Joe is everything a guide should be...knowledgeable, helpful, enthusiastic and works hard to give the client the best opportunity for the fish! He also has a very safe, comfortable and fast boat to get you on the grounds before anyone.

Les Jacober

I have fished with Joe twice so far this year and both times i have been amazed at how hard he worked to get us into Lakers. I fish with 8 to 12 guides every year all over the Northwest plus have 15 to 20 guides work for us in Alaska every summer and I wish they worked as hard as he does. My friend John M. my son my dad and I would rate our experience an 8.5 out of a possible 10. Just excellent

Ashley Shupe

I most strongly recommend you book your fishing trip with Joe Heinlen at Lake Chelan Adventures. Joe is a very gracious skilled guide whom without question, I recommend to anyone wishing a great day on the water and very high odds of catching fish. I can not wait to take may friends and family out with Joe again.

Ron Cryderman

Joe Heinlen knows fish. Not ever having actually seen his home in the hills of Chelan, I would bet he is actually part fish and lives among them. Seriously, I've known Joe for 30+ years and can attest to his skills and knowledge. Extremely entertaining and accommodating to his customers. Been out twice with him and always came come with a cooler with fish. I highly recommend his service to young and old.


I quick note and a big Thank you for another great fishing trip .
I would recommend you to anyone who wants to fish Lake Chelan.
Its nice to go with a pro and learn about this unique fishery. You know how to make it fun and still catch lots of fish. I highly recommend that anyone from seasoned fisherman to families looking for a fun day on the lake sign up and go with Joe.

Please feel free to post this on your testimonials.
P.S I have gone with Joe three times ... its a blast.

Say Hi to Johnny for me....Todd Lenning


I will say this about this trip. I've never seen anyone work as hard as Joe did to make sure we had a great time and that we went home with a cooler full of fish. I would highly recommend his service to anyone who's looking to have a great day of fishing on Lake Chelan.  Armando Cortez


Just wanted to get this letter off to ya.

In January my fishing partner, AL, and I ventured over to your area, Lake Chelan. We drove the four hour drive from Tacoma. Not sure what the weather would be like. We did have some snow here and there on the way over.
Al and I did not book with you off the cuff. We had read many fish reports on and looked at websites before making our decision.

In the end, you were selected.
We had no idea what to expect on this fishing trip - were we in for a surprise. Not only did we meet a great guide, YOU, but the fishing was exceptional. Eight fish in the first hour alone!! The day ended with 20 nice machinaw to take home and smoke up !!!!

During the day we kept getting bites, telling jokes, eating, missing bites, learning about the area and how to fish Lake Chelan. It was nothing less than a fantastic "Adventure" - true to the name of your guide service LAKE CHELAN ADVENTURES!!

Joe, since our fishing "adventure" with you in January - AL and I have kept up with your fishing reports on We also read the reports of that "other" guide service that posts there as well. It never fails, you always seem to come out on top with better fish catches....GOOD JOB!

Anyone seeking a great fishing adventure on Lake Chelan, I would HIGHLY recommend JOE of LAKE CHELAN ADVENTURES. You will have one great day of fishing on the water.

Joe, use me as a reference anytime. Al and I hope to get back over there this coming July. In the meantime....tight lines and great fishing to ya and your clients.

Greg Lee


I just wanted to say thank you for a great fishing trip. We all (grandpa, dad & son) had a great trip and of course the big one did get away but he will be there when we try again. You are very knowledgeable about your business (fishing) and look forward to the next time.
Thanks again
George, Paul and Greg Christiansen

Thank you for the great fishing trip..I
have up to 30 guides working for me at Katmai Lodge in Alaska each summer so I know a
good guide from a bad one and you get an A+.
Les Jacober


Thanks Joe,
We really had a great time. I appreciate all the effort you put in to a great day of fishing. I would highly recommend you to anyone. First class!
John Martinis

Chris Hanson

Just wanted to drop you a line letting you know how much fun we had out on the boat with you last Saturday. My buddy  I really appreciated you working so hard to get those fish that did commit into the boat, even though they were biting so light. 11 fish for a half day trip is far from “feathers” from my point of view!
I’ll be able to employ a lot of the knowledge you shared with us on my very next trip out, and hopefully increase my catch rate. Feel free to use me as a reference without hesitation – I have nothing but great things to say about you and your service.


Hi Joe, I always appreciate your posts. We are in Germany for the next 3 years and plan on taking another trip with you whne we are able to get back to central WA. Great memories. Hope you and your family had a merry Christmas and have a happy New Year...Ashley Shupe

Thanks so much, Mr. Joe Heinlen. Your pictures and reports were key in my two-day experience on this beauty of a lake, and I want to tell you now that I thoroughly respect your willingness to share your knowledge with people you have not met. I'm currently trying to adapt to this culture after growing up in a land where most just don't talk about their success for fear of being crowded out of their productive spots. While I actually had your contact information with me at the time of the trip, I just couldn't ring you out of respect for your privacy. I'll contact you someday, and in the meantime, I'll share your name with anyone I meet who may be interested in fishing your neck of the woods. While I haven't spoken with the other gentleman who has posted wonderful reports, by the name of Mr. Anton Jones I believe, he too inspired this trip and will receive my sincere thanks for helping an unknown to enjoy nature to the Nth degree. Please be well and enjoy all that you do. Mark

Thanks Joe! As usual we thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with you. Greg Werner

Highlight of our Trip!!!! Blaine and Kelly Andersen- Apple Valley, Minnesota

I've worked with the public for over 45 years and I must admit that you really impressed me with your ability show go that extra mile for the customer. Steve Hurt
Mel Loucks

Thank you so much for the fishing trip on July 12th. I can honestly say I have never seen anyone in any occupation work harder than you worked on that trip. Larry and I both had a great time and will definitely be back. I will also bring my two boys and tell everyone I know to get there butts over to Chelan to have the best fishing trip of their lives with Joe at Lake Chelan Adventures.


Thank you for the fishing trip this morning. You are a very open and personable person, and you made my boys and me feel very comfortable and welcome. We had a wonderful time and really learned a lot.

After being on the lake for 10 years, this is the first "big" fishing trip we have done. We should have done this long ago. Next time, we are out for the full day!

And the pictures on your web site are great.

Thank you again and please feel free to use me as a reference.

Best Regards,

Doug Christiansen


Thank you for the great morning of fishing! Beautiful weather, calm water, family and fishing...What could be better? I attached some pictures of the girls holding their fish and of Madison helping you drive the boat. I thought they were pretty cute. We are hoping to visit Chelan next spring/summer and would love to join you on another fishing adventure. Take care of yourself, your wife, and those girls of yours!
Until next time,
Shannon, Madison, Emily and Ty Mauck

"Joe knows where the fish are and puts you on them quickly. He works the boat with a lot of enthusiasm and energy. We'll fish with him again". Mac Elvy Helena, MT


Will and Anne Aslin
Anne and I were more than pleased with our fishing experience with Joe. The jokes AND the fish came fast and furious, and the hard work involved(mostly Joe) were a treat for us. It was a day to remember and we went home with lots of fillets and an appreciation of the man's passion for catching fish. We'd be up for another trip anytime. Thanks, Joe! Sincerely, Will Aslin Thank you ...We Will Be Back!!!!

Greg Werner, Nick Werner, Max Whitney, Sam Whitney of Puyallup

You are a Great Guide. The Kids thought the best of You!!!!!

Tony, Kris, Scott and Tyler Hanson of Concrete Wa.

Thank you for a wonderful time. You were very attentive to catching fish the whole time on the boat. My wife, 2 sons and myself were very pleased with the service and enjoyable experience. We will plan on more charters with you in the future. Again, Thank You.

Cindy Mossbrucker, Vera Mosbrucker, Mary Beth Condon

Thanks Joe! Great time again! Excellent day on the lake, beautiful weather, and lots of fish. Joe - you are the best, we appeiciate the recipes, joke, stories, and all your fishing expertise. We will be back for sure!

Bob, Adrienne, Madeline (8 yrs old), and Kate Maxwell (5 yrs old)

"It never gets old to fish with Joe Heinlen. Not only are you fishing with a guide, you feel like you are fishing with an old friend! We will be back to do it again!"

Josh Clark, Zak Taylor, and Jessica De La Rosa

"Beautiful fishing trip! Beautiful lake, beautiful boat, beautiful fish! The only thing I regret is not doing it sooner! Joe is a phenomenal fishing guide! A great fishing guide and an even better person."